The Foxtrot is separated into the:

Social Foxtrot.

  • A simple dance which is often one of the first learnt

Slow Foxtrot.

  • This is a beautiful and graceful dance, requiring control and style.

Some famous Big Band music ensures this is very popular dance to learn.

The Quickstep is a fast-moving bubbly dance full of life, comprising walks and chasses.

With steps including the “Running Right Turn”, “V6”, and “Fishtail” you’ll be zooming around the floor in no time.

The Tango is a passionate, staccato dance with definite movement.

It is more regimented than the Argentine Tango and is danced to some fantastic sharp music.

The Viennese Waltz whirls around the floor at a fast pace with strong rotation.

Poise and elegance are very important as you glide around the floor. Includes moves including chasse and natural turn.

The Waltz is a smooth, romantic dance in 3/4 time. The rhythm has a strong first beat followed by two lighter beats which coincide with your steps as you dance around the floor.

This is a slow and elegant dance in which you and your partner move as if you are one.