Classes and Private Lessons

Learning the Dances:

Come and learn the basic steps in the:

  • CHA CHA CHA and
  • JIVE

Our tuition takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with very patient teachers.  All sessions cover a mixture of Ballroom & Latin American dances, covering 2 or 3 dances each week.  Both Clive and Jenny give you excellent guidance but at the moment we are not partnering dancers.   

Couples that come with a partner can stay with their partner all night – we don’t force couples to swap partners. 

We offer a very special welcome to people who think that they have two left feet!


  • Ballroom:  Thursdays – 7.15pm at William Collyn Community Centre
  • Sequence: Tuesdays – 7.15pm at Milton Road Primary School

This is for people who have have completed our most recent Absolute Beginners class and offers further instruction in

  • JIVE and

We also add in the sensuous RUMBA


  • Sorry – No Beginners Continuation Class at the moment

This is the next step up from our previous beginners continuation courses and offers more instruction in

  • JIVE and

We also add in both the SLOW FOXTROT and SAMBA.


  • Wednesdays – 7pm at Orchard Park Community Centre, Central Avenue, Orchard Park, Cambridge, CB4 2EZ

These are classes for people who have a reasonable standard of ballroom and latin dancing and wish to learn more steps.

We will build on the dances that you have already learnt and add more figures as well as introducing additional dances such as SLOW FOXTROT, RUMBA, TANGO and SAMBA.


  • Wednesdays – 8pm at Orchard Park Community Centre, Central Avenue, Orchard Park, Cambridge, CB4 2EZ

This class is for people that have a good standard of dancing and know most of the ballroom and latin dances, and wish to improve their dancing and add more figures to their current routines.  


  • Thursdays – 8.15pm at William Collyn Community Centre, Wellbrook Way, Girton, CB3 0GP

Improving Your Dancing:

These are general social dance sessions, for dancers who have attained a good standard of dancing, to come along and practice their dancing.

For Ballroom dancing, up-to-date music is used, and all ten ballroom and latin dances can be practiced.  Short tuition in new dance trends as well as technique is also included.

For Sequence dancing, up-to-date music is used and we provide a programme of popular new and old dances.  You will also receive instruction in new prize winning dances.


  • Ballroom: Tuesdays – 8.15pm at Milton Road Primary School, Ascham Road, Cambridge, CB4 2BD
  • Ballroom: Thursdays – 8.15pm at William Collyn Community Centre, Wellbrook Way, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0GP
  • Sequence: Fridays – 2pm at Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road, Cambridge, CB4 2LD

Private Lessons are available for:

  • Learning Ballroom, Latin-American, Old Time and Sequence dances
  • Your first dance at your wedding
  • Coaching in dancing and technique for Beginners, Improvers, Intermediates, Advanced, Medallists and Professionals
  • Professional Dance Teacher Training and Dance Teacher Assessments

Lessons are by appointment only, at all times during the week, including daytime

Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to arrange an appointment

  •  Please note, if you cancel a private lesson you must give us 24 hours notice otherwise the full fee will be charged.
  •  If you arrive late for the lesson, the full fee will still be charged and you will only receive the remaining allocated time.


  • Arbury Community Centre or Orchard Park Community Centre

If you are planning on going on a cruise, then why not come along to CJ’s Dance School and learn how to dance?  That way you won’t feel you are missing out when there’s dancing on your cruise and better than that, you can impress everyone else when you get up and take to the floor!

You will be able to enjoy all the social dancing that’s offered on board the ship, you may surprise yourselves how much fun it can be!  Dancing is a social activity and provides good exercise as well.  You can meet lots of other people that enjoy dancing before you even go on your cruise when you join our beginners class, or you can take private lessons (or both).

You may want to learn just a selection of dances in Ballroom, such as the Waltz, Social Foxtrot & Quickstep, and in Latin-American, the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive or Rock’n’Roll.  Perhaps you would like to learn some Sequence dances such as Waltz Catherine, Sindy Swing, Square Tango, Saunter Together etc.  We can teach you all of these too!

Our absolute beginners classes are held during the evening or you could book private lessons which can be daytime or evenings.  

Once you have learnt to dance or brush up on your existing dancing skills you can make the most your cruise, you can have fun, it’s a great way of relaxing and getting fit. It will also get you in that holiday spirit and ready for that wonderful cruise!

Just phone or email us

Social Dance Medal Tests

Everyone can have a go:

  • Singles or couples
  • Beginners to advanced
  • There is a test for you!

When you first start to learn to dance, the idea of taking a test is terrifying. However, doing a medal test is a great way to focus your dance lessons towards a specific goal and gives you confidence that you really are making progress.
Medal tests can be taken by children and adults, but we always wait for adults to make the first approach to us.  Please have a go if you want to, but we don’t want to frighten you away!

We conduct our Medal Tests, in Ballroom, Latin or Sequence with the UKA Dance, as Clive is an Examiner with this body.
Medal tests and examinations are conducted by other organisations that are corporate members of the British Dance Council, but they are all very similar in structure and standard.

Medal Tests can be taken in all styles of dancing and are graded:  Social Dance Introductory Awards, Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal and so on.

Once you start, these friendly tests provide an incentive and really do add to the fun of learning to do more than simply get round the floor without stepping on too many toes!

  • Medal tests can be taken with Clive or Jenny as your partner.
  • They are private, with just the Examiner, you and your partner, and either Clive or Jenny to play the music.
  • If you go wrong, you can simply stop and start again!
  • Test results are usually available when you come for your next class or lesson.
  • You get a written assessment, certificate and the medal.

Social dances are an excellent way of practicing your dance steps in a friendly and supportive environment. They are suitable for all dance levels.

There are usually monthly dances held in various venues in and around Cambridge. 

Dance Venues

Milton Road Primary School is at the end of Ascham Road, Cambridge, CB4 2BD, just off the Milton Road

There is plenty of parking in the school car park, which is close to the hall

The Orchard Park Community Centre is just off Kings Hedges Road, on Central Avenue, Orchard Park, Cambridge, CB4 2EZ

The Hall is modern and has car parking next to the hall or on surrounding roads

William Collyn Community Centre is situated on Wellbrook Way, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0GP which is just inside the village. It is a beautiful hall with a sprung floor, just right for dancing. The centre has two car parks either side of the venue.  

The Arbury Community Centre is situated on Campkin Road, Cambridge, CB4 2LD

There is a small hall, shown here, which is ideal for individual lessons, as well as a large hall suitable for tea dances.

The car park, shown on the map below, is just 50m from the hall

Dance Times